Wildomar Historical Society is a 501c3 Public Benefit Corporation established in 2006.

The specific purpose of this corporation is to educate the people of Wildomar on the history of their community. To this end, the society will be responsible for publishing pamphlets, books, tapes, and other materials. The society shall also develop outreach programs, public meetings and special events to aid in our purpose.

The society will work to identify and preserve structures of importance to the local history of Wildomar and adjacent communities. The society will locate, preserve, and hold for its use items of historic interest, including archeological items, to the community. This will be accomplished through holding public meetings, discussions with the residents, collecting oral histories and other such activities that will aid in understanding and appreciating the history of the area. The society will maintain a dialogue with other historic societies, the schools, libraries and other public agencies.

Executive Board
George Cambero – President
Sharon Heil – Secretary
Kristan Lloyd – Treasurer
Vicki Long – Director
Richard Heil – Director

The Wildomar Heritage Museum Committee
Kristan Lloyd – Chairman
Gloria Allred – Fundraiser Coordinator
Shirley Petrus – Fundraising Support
Diana Stinson – Fundraising Support

Contact Information
Wildomar Historical Society
P.O. Box 1685
Wildomar, CA 92595


  • JAN

    Strata Keith’s proposal includes a lot for preservation of the historical structures, if they can be saved. The Wildomar Historical Society has an ongoing campaign to raise money toward preserving the buildings.

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