Heritage Walk

The Wildomar Historical Society has been working on the integral, behind the scene parts to preserve our history and we are continuing to move forward with the development of the “Baxter Crossing Heritage Walk.” This is a wonderful opportunity to share our history with the community in a location that is perfectly located off of the 15 Fwy and Baxter Road.

The specific purpose for The Wildomar Historical Society is to preserve and educate the people of Wildomar on the history of the community. We have worked with the developer of the Baxter Village project for the past few years to create a dedicated space that will display our history.

We are very excited to bring forth this project. We will be displaying information on our founders, the movers and shakers, and interesting facts from the past throughout the “Heritage Walk.” We will also host special and community events on the premises to enhance Wildomar’s community open space.

In 2005, members of the community worked with the County to move the Brown house to its current location to serve as a museum. Soon after that, the Wildomar Historical Society became an official 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Over the past several years we have been working on a plan for full restoration. However, with community input, we have recognized that the cost is just too astronomical for the rehabilitation of the building.

The current project plan that we are working on is:

  • Documenting the architecture and structure of both the house and tower
  • Recreating the Water Tower at its original location
  • Deconstructing and saving as much of the original house materials
  • Using historical items as displays throughout the “Heritage Walk”

We are proud to be an integral part of the Baxter Village Crossing Project and there are a lot of moving pieces to these efforts. We would love for you to become involved in these projects to create a space to share for future generations.

We are looking for donations, both physical and monetary, to deconstruct the house and build the Heritage Walk. Donors will be memorialized throughout the “Heritage Walk” to show appreciation for helping to make this possible.

We are a 501(c) 3 Nonprofit Corporation in California and all donations monetary or in-kind are tax deductible.

Thank you for your consideration to help in our endeavors and thank you for the support you have shown our community in the past.

Become part of history, today:

  • Pioneer – $100.00
  • Groundbreaker – $500.00
  • Pillar – $1000
  • Trailblazer – $2500
  • Founder – $5000
  • Premier Partner – $10,000
  • Keystone – $25,000

Limited Path Finder

  • Red Brick Paver – Limited Qty. 100 – $100.00 each
  • House Fire Place Brick Paver – Limited Qty. 20 – $500.00 each

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Become a Member

  • Regular Membership (for one) – $25.00
  • Family Membership (two) – $35.00
  • Patron – $100.00
  • Corporate Sponsor – $500.00
  • Lifetime Membership – $500.00

You can pay by PayPal, Check, Money Order or Cash.