We had a small but very interested group that were able to join us for our public presentation on December 8th at the Library. Thank you to all who attended.

We know the time wasn’t ideal for a lot of the community but we did our best to find a time and location that was central to Wildomar and that was time sensitive given the holiday festivities and our time line.

We talked about the past, present, and the future. We followed up at the end of the presentation that we were planning on putting together an online presentation with a survey to garner more interest and feedback from the community.

One thing to remember is that the Historical Society may own the building, however the future of it belongs to the community. What the community members want invest in and the action and efforts are all questions in the survey and will be taken in to account. It’s not only which option you’d like to see but what sweat equity do you want to give to see that your choice is number one.

Please take a look at the presentation and then answer the survey. If you have any questions, please send them to info@historyofwildomar.org

View the Presentation

(Update – The survey is now closed. Thank you to those who took time to take the survey.)


  • John Lloyd

    Option B provides a nice location for the display of items from our communities past. The odds of raising the funds and physical to accomplish it are much better than option A, and Option C give the community nothing.

  • George Cambero

    George Cambero::

    Obviously ” B ” is the better option, Question I’ve for the Applicant why not donate the property instead of providing an Access Agreement. Without that reduces or cancels any potential for obtaining any funding via grants or city support.

    • WHS

      We could possibly work out an access agreement with limited ownership. We know there is a benefit for the community, the developer, and the city. How much is each willing to give in real equity. We shall see.

  • Your looking for an honest opinion about which of the three options is the best, none of the above. The best option is to walk away if you can. This Society has had over 10 years to raise money to do something with it and have failed miserably despite numerous printed news articles and a couple of TV news stories. The cheapest option is $15,500 which the Historical Society will not be able to raise with the current leadership. Walk-away while you can.

    • WHS

      Thank you for your honesty Kenneth. It does seem like an overwhelming task, however, nothing worth doing was ever easy. It would be a shame not to put in the effort because there wasn’t a plan when the developer lost the property in 2010. There is an interest to save what we can legitimately preserve for future benefit to the community.

  • CC

    how about a GO FUND ME Page for this.

    • WHS

      Thanks so much CC for your input…we will be putting up a GIVE donation page as soon as an option has been chosen.

      • Why are you waiting. Collecting donations should have begun 10 years ago, now you want to wait another month. During that time you should be able to determine whether or not you can spark any interest. The amount of interest should lead to which option is doable.

  • Gina Castanon

    You have done a grest job of keeping the WHS alive. If it weren’t for you the WHS would not be in existence today.
    The lack of Support from the City Council is the main reason why the WHS is still floundering and that the Brown House still doesn’t have a Home. . The Brown House deserves some type of preservation. Thank you Kristan for your Service Year after year. Not Inly for the WHS but for all the work you do for all our non profit organizations in Wildomar

    • WHS

      Hard work has been done by those who have come before who built the foundation of Wildomar. Telling the story of the little colony that could and did is a privilege. We’re hoping more of the community start to feel the momentum and want to continuing to tell our story of perseverance and tenacity.

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