The Wildomar Historical Society, Incorporated in 2006, is committed to preserving and promoting the diverse history of Wildomar, California and the Valley through outreach programs and education for all ages.

Pictured above is the Wildomar Historical Society logo depicting the Wildomar Hotel which opened on May 13, 1887. The hotel was located southwest of Dunn Street and northwest of Central Avenue. Some believe that the hotel burned down before it could be moved. However, it was reported in the Press and Horticulturist – Aug 15, 1902 (Regular Correspondence of the Press.) – A group of men are down from Rialto engaged at work here. They are taking down the big hotel, which will be taken to that place and several small houses made of it for renting. B. F. Taylor of Rialto.

The next picture displays the three founders of Wildomar. William Collier, Donald Graham, Margaret Collier Graham. William Collier and Donald Graham partnered with Franklin Heald to purchase the land that is now Lake Elsinore and Wildomar. As a result of some friction, the 3 founders shown above headed to the southern part of the city and named it Wildomar, a fusion of their three names: Wil (William), Do (Donald), Mar (Margaret).

Next, pictured is the historic Wildomar Elementary school bell which was reportedly brought to Wildomar by train in 1886. The original school opened in 1886 was demolished but the school bell was saved by residents who built a simulated bell tower at the site of the original and current elementary school.

The Elsinore and Wildomar area map from the Wildomar Land and Water Company advertising the Town of Wildomar as a neat little town, remarkable for its substantial and and permanent character of its buildings, the temperance and earnest morality of its citizens, the great and evident advantages of our nearness to the lake, our bounteous supply of pure mountain water, our Grand Avenue, ten miles long, including a view of the exclusive Lake and other beautiful scenery, our good Hotel, and other features make WILDOMAR a pleasant place for tourists and investors to visit.

The last picture is the water tower that supplied water not only for the house but also for a watering trough for the horses and cattle for one of the areas longest running farms in the valley.

It is with great hope and effort that the Wildomar Historical Society is able to restore and utilize the water tower as an educational feature at the future Wildomar Heritage Museum site.


  • Sandy Ford

    Hi ,
    I am interested in finding out about the history of Wildomar and more specific about the old house on Pecan street..
    Do you have regular meetings and can anyone attend ?
    Just a little information about myself.
    I have lived in Lake Elsinore/ Wildomar for 29 years. I work at the Ralphs on Washington.
    Thank You, Sandy

    • WHS

      Hi Sandy,
      Sorry, your email was tucked between 100 spam notices. I almost missed it. We are looking for interested members to join our board if that sounds like something you would like to do. We are working on hosting more open public meetings with discussion and presentations. There is information about the pecan house on page 20 of the book Wildomar stating it was the home of Oscar Brown in 1902. I am putting a link on the website soon to join the newsletter mailing list to stay up to date on what we’re trying to accomplish and our goals. Please feel free to give me a call at (951) 265-3820. Thanks so much…Kristan Lloyd, Director

  • Mark Montgomery

    Hello from the Duarte Historical Society!…as a 23-year member, I am always interested in finding about other historical societies and how they operate, so that I can get ideas on how to further preserve the history of our city(Duarte is 14 miles east of Pasadena, and is best known for being the summer home of big-band musician Glenn Miller and also the main HQ and research facility for the City of Hope National Cancer Center)…so I was curious about your society, and from what I’ve read about so far, you folks are doing a great job in the Brown Ranch project…keep up the good work!…

  • Deb

    How do you go about protecting a Historical site or Home. There is one currently up for sale and I’d like to protect it from developers or land purchasers to flip.

    • WHS

      The City of Wildomar doesn’t have a process or recognition plan set up. You would have to start here. We are trying the same thing. Is the house in Wildomar? Other cities do have ordinances on preservation and dedication of landmarks. Contact your local city as well. Let us know how it goes


  • Debbie Miller

    12457 Pecan St Wildomar. Corner of Pecan and Grand. Looking for history of house. Any infonwould be appreciated. Thank you Debbie Miller

    • WHS

      Thanks so much for calling yesterday to find out history on the house. I am going to ask if there is any more information and I will be sending a picture of the information in the Wildomar historical book. We would love to tour the house and get some stories that the new tenants might have…Kristan

      p.s…you can purchase a book from the Historical Society for only $20.00

  • Cate Bittner

    My husband is the great grandson, of the B. F. Taylor that is mentioned above. His name was Benjamin Franklin Taylor. I have some photos of him. My husband also lived in the Taylor house for a couple of year with his grandmother, Ellen Loree Taylor Hazard that owned the house for a few years.

    • WHS

      Thank you so much for reaching out. We would love to see and possibly display any historically significant photos. Contact us at info@historyofwildomar.org. We look forward to hearing from you….Kristan

    • Kenneth Mayes

      I not sure what info you have on B.F. Taylor. I have transcripts of newspaper clippings from the time Ben Taylor lived in Rialto, before Wildomar. This is where his father and mother are buried. Also have some info on his first wife, with whom he had a child, Florence Elma, that he brought to Wildomar in 1906. Let me know if you are interested in the info.

  • Kenny Mayes

    What has been the decision of the Historical Society A, B or C

    • WHS

      We met with the developer today to further discuss the agreement. There were a few duplicate submissions of the survey but overwhelmingly Plan B was chosen with 56%. Plan A was chosen by 30% with the majority of those willing to help with time but no donations. Finally, there was 13% for Plan C.

      There were still a few things to discuss and we’re fine tuning our options with Plan B and will have a signed agreement by the 31st. Stay tuned for the final project plan.

  • Kenny Mayes

    It is the first of February. Where does the Historical Society stand. Has an agreement been signed and when will the Society start raising the necessary funds.

    • WHS

      Good Morning Kenny,

      We have been allowed an extension by the developer to consider the access agreement vs. property ownership. We will be signing the agreement on February 9th and will have more information then. We have just added three interested parties to the fundraising team and look information for an event as well as crowd source fundraising coming soon. Thank you for your continued interest.

  • Mark Montgomery(Duarte Historical Society 25-year member)

    Has the WHS decided who will take on the role of “official historian” for the Wildomar area?…the reason I ask this is because some other historical societies have lost their “City Historians” recently, and there’s a lack of a successor(like the Highland Area Historical Society’s long-time president/official City Historian Nancy Alexander passed away last month, and no one had been able to succeed her[she was affectionally known as “Ms. Highland”, due to her being a life-time resident of that city])…here in Duarte, there are four “City Historians”(one official, three “unofficial”;the official one we share w/ the Monrovia Historical Society)…just curious…thanks…

    • WHS

      Thanks Mark for your interest. We have several historians with information. We have just started archiving and it’s a huge process and definitely a daunting process. Every day we risk losing another story.

  • Marilyn Cronin

    I live in Southern California, and frequent estate sales in my area..
    I have found a sweet little leather memory book owned by an Edith McConnell (I believe it is her picture on the front) with pages of notations from each of her friends with dates ranging from January 1891 to May 1893.
    Entries also note whether the friend is in Wildomar or Elsinore.
    All in IMPECCABLE script, with darling verse and signed by each friend.
    I would love to place this in the right hands.
    Would you be the place?

    • WHS

      Hi Marilyn,

      Thank you so much for reaching out. What a find. Please call to discuss the donation to the Wildomar Historical Society. Kristan Lloyd, (951) 265-3820 I look forward to hearing form you.