The Wildomar Historical Society, Incorporated in 2006, is committed to preserving and promoting the diverse history of Wildomar, California and the Valley through outreach programs and education for all ages.

Pictured above is the Wildomar Historical Society logo depicting the Wildomar Hotel which opened on May 13, 1887. The hotel was located southwest of Dunn Street and northwest of Central Avenue. Some believe that the hotel burned down before it could be moved. However, it was reported in the Press and Horticulturist – Aug 15, 1902 (Regular Correspondence of the Press.) – A group of men are down from Rialto engaged at work here. They are taking down the big hotel, which will be taken to that place and several small houses made of it for renting. B. F. Taylor of Rialto.

The next picture displays the three founders of Wildomar. William Collier, Donald Graham, Margaret Collier Graham. William Collier and Donald Graham partnered with Franklin Heald to purchase the land that is now Lake Elsinore and Wildomar. As a result of some friction, the 3 founders shown above headed to the southern part of the city and named it Wildomar, a fusion of their three names: Wil (William), Do (Donald), Mar (Margaret).

Next, pictured is the historic Wildomar Elementary school bell which was reportedly brought to Wildomar by train in 1886. The original school opened in 1886 was demolished but the school bell was saved by residents who built a simulated bell tower at the site of the original and current elementary school.

The Elsinore and Wildomar area map from the Wildomar Land and Water Company advertising the Town of Wildomar as a neat little town, remarkable for its substantial and and permanent character of its buildings, the temperance and earnest morality of its citizens, the great and evident advantages of our nearness to the lake, our bounteous supply of pure mountain water, our Grand Avenue, ten miles long, including a view of the exclusive Lake and other beautiful scenery, our good Hotel, and other features make WILDOMAR a pleasant place for tourists and investors to visit.

The last picture is the water tower that supplied water not only for the house but also for a watering trough for the horses and cattle for one of the areas longest running farms in the valley.

It is with great hope and effort that the Wildomar Historical Society is able to restore and utilize the water tower as an educational feature at the future Wildomar Heritage Museum site.